After a hard day at work the family always gathered together around the table. With humble food and a lot of love, we grew up to be mature boys and girls. In the end, everyone just realizes that all it means is to socialize with good people, with good food and drink. As our grandmother would say: “Eat, drink and love each other. This is life!”

Družina Fina Isolana sečoveljske soline

The pace of life is changing at an incredible rate. Not always in the right direction. It is becoming more and more appreciated again “how” and no “how much“. Basic foundations such as family, simplicity, style and modesty are gaining more weight again. That is why we are proud to offer the old wisdom of our nonnots and non – of course in a modern guise.

Handmade sea salt from the Sečovlje salt pans we mixed with hand-picked herbs and spices along the Adriatic. The herbs are hand-picked, dried, hand-mixed, packaged and labeled. Another special feature is that we added dried flowers to all salt mixtures.

Unrefined sugar  from sugar cane itself has an extremely rich and full taste of caramel and molasses. We spiced it up simply and chose the flavors carefully. We didn’t want to fascinate with complexity, but impress with simplicity .