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Protection of personal data

General conditions and protection of personal data

On this page, you can regularly monitor any changes related to the protection of personal data.

  • In the company S.OLIA d.o.o. (hereinafter S.OLIA), especially in our online store we respect your privacy and protect your information.
  • Your personal data, their collection and use form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of our business and can only be fully interpreted with knowledge of the latter, so we recommend that you read the text in its entirety.
  • We operate in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), and since the publication of these rules also with the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR).
  • In compliance with the GDPR, we have further approximated and facilitated the editing of your settings and edited the text of these conditions so that they are even easier to read and understand. We have more clearly defined how we work with our partners, third parties and cookies, and other tracking technologies.

Forms of cooperation

You can use our services as:

  • unregistered user (in this case, with your consent when purchasing in the finaisolanashop online store, we will collect data via the shopping cart in order to send the goods or continue the purchase process)
  • registered user
  • registered customer

The personal information we collect

We collect several types of personal information about our users and customers:

  • identity data: name, surname, e-mail address and password, which is encrypted with the MD5 protocol and known only to the user (we also do not know it because the system does not know how to decode). Data on the identity of business users also include the name of the company and the tax number or the number of the VAT payer. We also keep the VAT payer’s number for persons who operate as VAT payers. You can request access to your data via e-mail
  • contact details: delivery addresses, invoicing address and telephone number. You can request access to your data via e-mail:
  • financial information: We do not store your credit card information. We only provide this information to the issuer of your credit card. The same goes for other similar forms of online payment.
  • Purchase and Payment Information: We store all information about your orders and payments, including information about cancellations, order returns.

How we obtain data

We obtain information about you in several ways when:

  • You register
  • your make an order
  • you cancel an order
  • when you post a question, comment or rating of any of our products
  • when you send us various questions, request for a complaint, return the product, … from other sources (for example: whether your credit or payment card is valid and whether you can use it to pay for an order with us, the issuer of your credit card sends us)

What we do with information about you

Data on registered users and customers and purchases are collected for:

  • ensuring our legal obligations (for example, to keep financial and business books),
  • execution of your orders
  • for business analysis, planning, monitoring statistics, customer and visitor behavior and the like, whereby the data used are anonymised
  • We will use the questions you provide to us via the contact forms or e-mail addresses published on the website exclusively to resolve the issue or prepare an answer to the question.
  • If you communicate with us via any social network, we will also be able to use your data to provide you with marketing messages via the same social network in accordance with the conditions and permissions you have given to the social network manager.

Who has access to your personal information

In addition to us, your personal data can also be used by our trusted partners, which we need for implementation, in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act and the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection:

  • we provide delivery services with the information they need to transport and place an order
    in the event that your order includes products that are in stock with the supplier, we provide him with the information he needs to prepare the shipment with your delivery address and the contents of the order
  • to suppliers, insofar as complaints or questions in which we need their cooperation, you manage through us
  • payment providers (e.g. Stripe, Bankart, Paypal, Diners)
  • authorized institutions, if required by law (court, etc.)
  • A computer company that takes care of the operation of the server and the website
  • Server owner

All partners who have access to personal data are obliged to handle personal data in accordance with the law.

We only provide them with information that is necessary for the successful execution of an order, sales process or other activity.

Under no circumstances will we pass on your data to unauthorized third parties.

Personal data retention periods

We will store and process your personal data to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing and for as long as is necessary to complete the ordered or agreed activities, and then within the statute of limitations for obligations that may arise from the processing of this personal data. , when the processing of personal data is necessary within the framework of concluding or executing a contract.

Data obtained on the basis of consent are kept until revoked.

In cases where the retention period of personal data is prescribed by law, the data is stored in accordance with the legal order.

Ensuring security

We use several security and protection systems on our websites, which provide adequate protection against loss, disclosure, unwanted alteration or misuse of data. We use SSL technology to transfer all personal data, which encrypts all information.

Only authorized persons (employees, contractual partners) with a username and password have access to the collected personal data.

Please help us protect your personal information by ensuring the security of your username and password.

Your rights

We provide our customers and users with all the support in exercising the rights listed below:

  • on this page we fully inform you about how we use your personal data,
  • we are always at your disposal to exercise your right of rectification,
  • If you have registered as a user but have never placed any order, then we will be able to delete you at your request. However, if you have purchased from us, please note that we must keep your data in accordance with the law, However, if you have purchased from us, please note that we must keep your data in accordance with the law,
  • All other rights can be exercised by notifying us of your request by registered letter to the address: S.OLIA doo, Mladinska 1, 6310 Izola with the note GDPR – TEMA, where TEMA can be one of the guaranteed rights: access, supplement, correction , restriction of data processing, blocking of data processing, deletion of personal data, objection to data processing, data transfer.