All products are handmade from start to finish. The herbs are picked by hand. Salt is accumulated by hand, as it was centuries ago. All mixtures are mixed by hand and filled and labeled. Because we believe that human touch is also important in the manufacture of products – especially when it comes to food products – we try to adapt all production processes. The key is to keep all the steps as simple as possible. In this way, we can maintain the high quality of the products. We manufacture all products ourselves in Izola.

The ingredients we use for our products are locally sourced. Wild herbs are traditionally harvested by hand along the Adriatic. Piran salt is one of the purest and most nutritious in the world. Why not use such givens? We buy everything we need for our products from small family businesses – from raw materials to packaging and labels. We are also taken care of by a local graphic artist. Why not work with such talented, hardworking and good people

All ingredients of our products are completely natural. We do not use natural flavors or dyes or other natural or any other additives. We simply do not add anything to natural crops, but use them as nature created them. If the ingredients are of good quality and fresh, there is no need to add anything more to them. All minerals, vitamins and essential oils are present in natural crops in optimal amounts and proportions. For this reason, we use only unrefined and non-iodized salt. Salt that is not iodized does not mean that it does not contain iodine. It only means that it contains iodine in a natural way – in the amount and form that is most suitable for humans.

Animals are not involved in any of the production or manufacturing processes of our products – neither directly nor indirectly.